Alt Text: From level 1:18 on

Almost Dead Guy: Rusty, opening level 7. Alt Text: From level 1:18 on. Ancestral Weapon: The dwarf’s quest is to recover one of these. And Then What?: During the Critical Missives between Level 6 and 7, Calamitus asks Ezra what would she have done has she and her brother succeeded in destroying reality by summoning that obscure eldritch god. the lamia and the siren are green, Schmetts the fairy is light purple.) or even for technically human characters, from various magic effects (like Malevolus who is purple skinned, or Dorilys who’s green). Art Evolution: After the first chapter (or level, as it’s called), the artwork becomes more streamlined. This gets lampshaded in a bonus strip, with a Shout Out to The Order of the Stick. Art Shift: Pulled off due to the Belt of Genre Changing. Aside Comment: Roxy, while looking straight at the audience:Roxy: Something tells me Presti’s not going to thank me for this rescue.

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Replica Hermes Birkin She attended Columbia University. Nichols studied economics and psychology, as well as drama, graduating from Columbia in 2003 with a double major in math and economics. Dumb Blonde: Averted, as her double major in math and economics from Columbia can attest. Dyeing for Your Art: She’s a natural blonde but she dyed her hair red in GI: Joe and Star Trek, and brunette in Continuum. She also dyed her skin green for Star Trek. Ms. Fanservice: Many of her roles qualify, but the white dress she wore for the majority of P2 takes the cake. Nerds Are Sexy: Her characters are often as smart and sexy as Rachel herself. Outdoorsy Gal: She said that her family had a TV with only 4 channels, there wasn’t really much on, so she spent most of her time outdoors. Spy Catsuit: In GI: Joe and Continuum. Statuesque Stunner: At 5’10 she definitely qualifies as statuesque. And stunner. Just look at her picture Replica Hermes Birkin.