Ash Face: Happens to Kaptain K

Unexplained Recovery: The Master Cyborg that the Runaway beats up in the police HQ and left pinned under an exploding dinosaur later ambles into the dam for a rematch with the Runaway. Later on, after being trapped in an exploding dam, he crashes through the ceiling of the church in the finale for a third fight with the Runaway. The kid Max vanishes after the dinosaur attack on the halfway house, and nothing is mentioned of what happened to him or where he went, even after he pops up safe sound in church at the end of the movie. We Will Use Manual Labor in the Future: Apparently the whole reason “the Masters” need slaves is because they lack opposable thumbs, although the Runaway makes it clear they could build thumbs for themselves but don’t because they like forcing others to serve them. What Happened to the Mouse?: Polaris completely vanishes from the film when the FBI forcefully take control of the case. Your Size May Vary: The dinosaur puppets never seem pinned down to a consistent size. In low shots they seem about the size of large dogs (the “Cuteasaurus”), while in high shots they loom over the cast. Handwaved by the opening narration, the nun does say the dinos come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, “and its masters”. Doesn’t explain the inconsistent size of a dinosaur in the same scene.

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