Bridge Bunnies: A very mild example, Iridia

Katy Perry and James Corden. Graham and Robert De Niro. De Niro enjoys being on the show enough to have made three appearances over the years despite disliking going on chat shows. Groin Attack: Doug has a dog bite down on his crotch because of a peanut butter smear during a party game on spring break. Jerkass: Gretchen’s father. He has an implied hatred towards Doug and uses his history of being a football player (whether in university or professionally) to intimidate Doug and his friends. Cooldown Hug: Gary with Chloe when they are finally reunited and talk things over. Covers Always Lie: The cover of issue 22 has Wolf Man and Mecha Maid about to kiss each other. They do not kiss in that issue, or anywhere else in the series. Bridge Bunnies: A very mild example, Iridia. Butt Monkey: Uncle Georges is the frequent target of Scrameustache, the Galaxians and other aliens’ mischief. The Cameo: Papyrus, another Belgian comic book character, show up in one panel during a time travel episode.

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