Lister can’t resist tossing the light bee into his mouth and

Long decried as a waste of funds and a blemish on the city’s art scene, an outdated 1980s South Korean law mandates that every new skyscraper has to commission a work of public art, giving rise to haphazard, second thought sculptures. While the law is finally being addressed politically, the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture is taking a grassroots approach with their “City Guerilla Project,” which had 60 artists create 150 works across five neighborhoods. The most poignant have been in idyllic Bukchon, where Lee Gu young (of Public Art M) directed a team to enliven the winding traditional alleyways with engaging, whimsical pieces hidden beside mailboxes and walls. Though more endearing than pioneering, the project has nevertheless gotten locals to stop and rethink the purpose of art.

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