Michael Jacobs coaches baseball

The abuse of prescription drugs and opiates is a growing problem.Michael Jacobs coaches baseball, but he says his more important task is to keep his boys on the straight and narrow. He knows outside influences are a constant threat.”That’s why I’m out here with them,” Jacobs said.But there’s something delivering a dangerous high at an alarming rate to young people; prescription drugs and opioids.”It’s starts right there at the doctor’s offices, because they’re the ones giving it all out,” Jacobs said.Pain killers can and have led to the use of heroin. It’s a problem so bad in our state, Snyder has formed a task force to tackle it.”We’ve seen a spike in heroin usage, we’ve seen a spike in heroin overdoses and deaths,” Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel said.Federspiel said the problem has spiraled out of control in the last year in Mid Michigan.The bipartisan task force will look at trends and options to come up with a statewide action plan by this fall.

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