Most commonly, it will be one of the {{Identical Stranger}}s,

Your homeland is starting to feel like not such a great place to live. Maybe it’s overpopulated. Maybe it’s polluted. Maybe your religion or ethnic group is being oppressed, or maybe you just misinterpreted a key passage of The Bible. For whatever reason, you’ve decide to raise stakes and head out into the great unknown to found a new colony where you can live and prosper and marry your cousins, or not, as you see fit.

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Valentin replica A subtrope of the IdenticalStranger, sometimes people are just in denial about how much they look like someone else. Most commonly, it will be one of the {{Identical Stranger}}s, but it could happen to anyone watching. In the ”{{Pokemon}}” episode “Holy Matrimony!” Jessibelle looks identical to Jessie, but Jessie denies it. Valentin replica

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