Spared by the Adaptation: Matt, Robert, Toni, and Tanner

Stephen Farrelly (born 28 January 1978) is an Irish professional wrestler. After having worked as a bodyguard, he took up the sport of professional wrestling after training with Cliff Compton, Tank Toland and Cindy Rogers in Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory wrestling school in April 2002, at Bret Hart’s suggestion. He received an injury early on but returned two years later, debuting in Irish Whip Wrestling as Galldubh before returning to the name he was better known for, Sheamus O’Shaunessy. His exploits here lead to booking with larger promotions, including one affiliated with the Global Professional Wrestling Alliance in Austria. From there, Sheamus would eventually earn a developmental deal with the largest pro wrestling promotion left in the world, WWE.

Refuge in Audacity: While infiltrating the police station, SMAJ Tanner has to get across the main lobby in full view of a dozen Nork soldiers. After briefly assessing his options, he slings his M4 and calmly strolls across the room, having correctly surmised that in the slightly dim light, nobody on the North Korean night shift will pay much attention to an armed man in camouflage (just like everyone else in the building) who acts like he belongs there. Retired Badass: Sgt. Major Tanner and his men, who came out of retirement after the invasion. Russians with Rusting Rockets: Russian Spetznaz appear in the final chapter of the film, helping the North Koreans track down the Wolverines after they prove to be such a serious problem for the invaders. Earlier a Russian officer is seen next to Cho when he is giving a speech. Tanner and his men also mention that (Off screen) the Russians invaded the East Coast while China and North Korea attack the West Coast. by providing the transportation. Marines later in the film. Shout Out: The remake features several nods to the original, such as the scene where the Eckert brothers convince Robert to drink deer blood (although the remake puts a hilarious twist on that scene), and listening to Radio Free America where the announcer says “John has a long mustache” (itself a Shout Out to The Longest Day) and “the chair is against the wall.” And the paratroopers descending from the sky. Immediately before the North Korean paratroopers invade, we get a close up shot of a snow globe of Seattle. Spared by the Adaptation: Matt, Robert, Toni, and Tanner. Daryl’s final fate is unknown, but he’s left behind by the Wolverines by his own choice when the tracer is discovered instead of being executed by them as in the original film. Twenty Minutes with Jerks: Not as bad as other examples, but the action starts around the 11 minute mark compared to the original which started after the 4 minute mark. Why Couldn’t You Be Different?: Matt seems to feel like this compared to Jed. Yanks with Tanks: As mentioned above Jed and Tanner’s unit are Marines. military choppers arrive to extract Tanner and the device after the mission is a success. You Killed My Father Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters: The North Koreans (and the Russians/Chinese off screen) call the Wolverines terrorists. The locals support them as heroes and freedom fighters. A couple of Jed’s Rousing Speeches lampshade this. “Over there, we were the good guys. We enforced order. Over here, we’re the bad guys. We cause chaos.”.

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