That is their reply to our ultimatum

Recycled In Space: This film is clearly based on The Magnificent Seven. Also Cowboy as a Space Trucker and Space Western cowboy. Reptiles Are Abhorrent: Caymen is a slaver with no interest in noble causes, or reluctance to feed captive women to carnivorous aliens. Fortunately Nanelia happens to drop Sador’s name just in time. Self Destruct Mechanism: Nell performs a Heroic Sacrifice to blow up the Stellar Convertor. Unfortunately her systems have been damaged so she keeps messing up the countdown. Sex Sells: Frustrated that no one had built any spaceships yet, Roger Corman gave everyone a day to come up with a good design. James Cameron (then a complete unknown in the industry) was aware of Corman’s reputation for sexploitation films, so drew up a design for a “spaceship with tits”. Corman approved it instantly, and put Cameron in charge of building it. Space Pirates: We’re first introduced to Cowboy being attacked by jackers who are blasting his ship with laser fire to wear down the shields, whereupon they’ll blast him and steal his cargo. Cowboy responds by laconically calling for help and playing a Captivity Harmonica. Shoot the Messenger:Yago: (carrying a small bag) Our emissary has returned from Umateal. They have replied to our ultimatum. That is their reply to our ultimatum. They’ve. powdered him!

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